Chronicled, Inc., a San Francisco-based technology company, has launched an Open Registry for IoT, signaling a major step forward in the growth and interoperability of the consumer Internet of Things. 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the registry stores the identities of physical items, initially consumer goods and collectibles embedded with BLE and NFC microchips.  In doing so, a secure, interoperable digital identity is established and new, proximity-based consumer engagement opportunities become possible. 

Chronicled has open sourced the project under the Apache License.

The Bluetooth and NFC functionality currently supported by the open registry back-end allows brands and retailers to engage with consumers in ways that heretofore have not been available, the company said.

The open registry is built on the public Ethereum blockchain (ETH), said Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum.

“Consumer IoT has always been one of the areas of blockchain adoption that I have been most bullish about, and I am excited to see Chronicled’s efforts in pushing IoT authentication use cases a step further.”