More than 30 tech companies made a pledge June 23 to diversify their workforce. In a letter addressed to the President, the companies resolved to “take action to make the technology workforce at each of our companies fully representative of the American people, as soon as possible.”

They promised to “treat this goal as a top management priority and business imperative,” saying that tapping the full measure of talent from across the country is “critical” for the long-term success of both their individual companies and the nation as a whole.

This is in response to allegations that tech companies have a poor record at workforce diversity. The pledge is part of a broader slew of tech-focused initiatives the administration rolled out on Wednesday ahead of President Obama’s talk at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley on Friday.

Some of the companies who signed the pledge include Intel,  Lyft, Airbnb, Moz, VMWare, Pinterest and GoDaddy.