The Obama Administration announced Monday that it will invest $80 million in new funding for its Smart Cities Initiative, in addition to doubling the list of participating communities.

The National Science Foundation also announced $60 million in new grants and planned investments for smart cities, including new Cyber-Physical Systems awards focused on Smart & Connected Communities. Collectively, these awards help establish the technological foundation for smart cities and the Internet of Things.

These new investments and collaborations will help cities of all sizes, including in the following key areas:

  • Climate: Nearly $15 million in new funding and two new coalitions to help cities and communities tackle energy and climate challenges.
  • Transportation: More than $15 million in new grants and planned funding to evolve the future of urban transportation.
  • Public safety: More than $10 million in new grants and planned funding for public safety, resilience, and disaster response.
  • Transforming city services: MetroLab Network is launching a new effort to help cities adopt promising innovations in social programs.

In June, the Department of Transportation (DOT) selected Columbus, Ohio to receive $40 million to prototype the future of urban transportation, out of 78 cities that accepted its Smart City Challenge.