Eagle Eye Networks, a provider of cloud video surveillance, announced on Thursday what it termed one of the fastest completions of a large scale, fully integrated city-wide surveillance program, by installing 13,720 cameras in 4 months.

The company, headquartered in Austin, Texas, stated that the project has been a large success for Mexico City C5, contributing to Mexico City’s larger “Citizen Safety” mobile application. This mobile application facilitates content sharing for more effective neighborhood watch and a panic SOS button.

“When deploying a city-wide surveillance project, scalability, retention, and cellular transmission must be considered,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

“Effective citywide surveillance is more than installing cameras in a few key locations, it’s about creating a platform that meets the unique needs of each municipality,” said Jaime Abad Valdenebro, CEO, Omnicloud.mx.

“In partnership with Eagle Eye Networks we leveraged the Eagle Eye Video API and SDK to customize a unique web application that is designed to integrate fixed, mobile body worn, and vehicle cameras into one interface, providing an unprecedented level of insight and awareness into our cities operations.”

4G connectivity with Eagle Eye Networks’ bandwidth optimization was utilized in order to facilitate this quick deployment, installing approximately 250 cameras per day at its peak. The cameras are all operational, remotely monitored.

This fast-paced install occurred amidst the global supply chain challenges caused by COVID-19, however, Eagle Eye Networks’ strong partnership with both the Reseller, Omnicloud.mx, and suppliers provided alternatives and solutions to keep the project on schedule.