China’s state-owned CCTV reported Wednesday that a man driving a Tesla Model S struck a street sweeper on a highway in January. The driver, identified as Gao Yaning, died in the crash, which was captured on a dashboard camera.

The man borrowed a Model S from his father in order to drive from Hong Kong to Macau, according to Chinese media reports. The driver reportedly crashed into a street cleaning truck that occupied half of his lane and was killed in the accident.

The impact of the crash destroyed the vehicle’s logs, which are needed to determine if Autopilot was being used at the time.

Traffic police reportedly said there were no brake marks, and dashcam video appears to show the Model S crashing into the truck at a high speed. Reports claim that the Autopilot was engaged at the time of the accident.

In July, the family filed a lawsuit in a Beijing court against both Tesla and the dealership that sold the car.

Federal investigators are continuing to investigate the May crash that killed a man who failed to brake when a large semi-truck suddenly crossed in front of his path. This incident preceded the May death of the customer in Florida.

While it is unclear if Autopilot was active or to blame in that incident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced an update to the Autopilot system that he said was a “dramatic improvement” that shifted more of the sensor onus onto radar from cameras.