The accounts of more than 85 million users of video sharing site Dailymotion have been hacked, according to information from Leakedsource. Dailymotion confirmed the breach through a post on its website in which it mentioned a security risk “coming from outside” the company that compromised accounts.

The 85.2 million unique usernames and email addresses were stolen on 20 October, claimed Leakedsource, although Dailymotion is keeping the actual number under wraps.

A little over 18 million had associated passwords, which were scrambled with the bcrypt hashing function, making the passwords difficult to crack.

The company also said the hack was “limited,” and no personal data has been compromised. Dailymotion urged users to reset their passwords. The company recommended that new password contains eight or more characters, is not obvious (EG: password1234), and that users do not to use the same password on multiple sites.