Sierra Wireless, an IoT solutions provider and Movimento, an automotive software provider today announced a partnership to provide automotive OEMs with an integrated solution to streamline vehicle software installation and updates.

Sierra Wireless’s device-to-cloud solution and Movimento’s Over the Air (OTA) technology together provide what the companies called “the industry’s first commercially available cloud-based platform to maintain connected cars.”

All vehicles have numerous software programs running on a network of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that need to be individually managed and maintained. The Sierra Wireless-Movimento solution allows automotive OEMs to update software for all ECUs simultaneously over-the-air.

When an automaker needs to upgrade a vehicle’s systems, they can log into the dashboard over a secure network and selecting the appropriate update campaign. Movimento’s software update client runs on the Legato Linux Embedded Application Framework available on Sierra Wireless 4G automotive modules. Through the Sierra Wireless AirVantage cloud platform, the Movimento solution enables automakers to seamlessly upgrade all vehicle software.

“Our combined solution removes all of the complexity for auto OEMs and Tier One vendors who supply the connected car industry,” said Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO, Movimento. “Rather than worrying about maintaining all the different software and firmware versions, we created a centralized solution from car to cloud. You don’t have to provision every ECU with a dedicated software agent, which reduces CPU and memory requirements, along with overall costs.”