TimberRock Advanced Energy, a developer of microgrids, energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure, has announced the launch of GENESIS, which it termed “the industry’s first open-platform energy services offering for small and mid-sized buildings.”

GENESIS standardizes the technologies and methodologies previously developed by TimberRock to support Fortune 500 companies and, for the first time, makes them available to smaller clients and high-volume building types which have been difficult to serve by traditional energy companies in the past, according to the company.

GENESIS utilizes an open-platform architecture that allows it to incorporate a wide array of energy technologies – regardless of the wired or wireless communication protocols they utilize – to provide clients a comprehensive, fully-integrated energy services offering, according to TimberRock. GENESIS is delivered as-a-service requiring no capital investment and typical clients save an average of 20% on their energy bills while benefitting from improved resiliency and sustainability.

The GENESIS open-platform architecture integrates:

  • GENeration – On site solar PV, off-site wind and retail gas and electricity supply
  • Efficiency – LED lighting with smart controls and EV charging infrastructure
  • Storage – Battery storage coupled with generators for microgrid resiliency
  • Internet of things (IoT) – Cloud monitoring and precision apps for control
  • Service – No money down, immediate savings and a performance warranty

“We’ve hit a tipping point where distributed energy resources of various types can be integrated via a cloud-based, open-platform architecture to deliver a customer-centric energy services offering,” said TimberRock CEO Brent Hollenbeck in a prepared statement.

“Though the integration of multiple technologies and protocols is inherently complex, we’ve cracked the code, creating an open-platform where the best technologies are integrated and a powerful but simple customer value proposition is achieved,” he added.