Quantifind, a data-centric technology company, today announced general availability of SIGNUM Analysis, a cloud-based, self-service analytics application that gives marketers a new way to identify consumer data that drives business performance.

SIGNUM is built on Quantifind’s explanatory analytics technology, which removes 80 percent of consumer data that is noise with no correlation to revenue, allowing marketers to identify and focus on the 20 percent that actually describes consumer buying behavior. In this way, marketers are able to explore, understand and change their impact on revenue in real time, the company said.

The company said SIGNUM Analysis is the first product of its kind that helps brands identify consumer data that ties directly to revenue. The application turns billions of Twitter posts, Tumblr blogs, Voice of Customer logs and forum posts into the world’s largest unaided focus group, offering scale and speed no survey can match, according to Quantifind.

Quantifind’s explanatory analytics and machine learning algorithms enable marketers to correlate this unstructured consumer data with point-of-sale records, NPD sales records, revenue figures and other forms of KPI data. Thanks to the application’s explorable, drillable interface, the results reveal not just who drives revenue but also why — crucial information for turning insights into actions.

With SIGNUM Analysis, marketers can adapt their brand strategy, creative messaging, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction in real-time without running expensive market research. SIGNUM Analysis is built for both quick answers and in-depth analysis. Marketers can use a predefined library to answer business questions like what’s driving business for their own brand, the competition and the entire category. When marketers need to dive deeper, SIGNUM Analysis offers drill-downs with flexible filters to explore trends all the way down to individual consumer conversations.

This release is the culmination of a multi-year collaboration with Fortune 500 companies from the retail, telecommunications, CPG and financial services industries to understand their business problems, reporting needs and workflows, the company said. This collaboration with companies like Taco Bell, Heineken and Pepsi has infused SIGNUM Analysis with industry-specific expertise and best practices, validating the platform’s ability to uncover valuable insights.

“SIGNUM Analysis embeds intelligence into daily operations by using data science to automate the work of cleaning and filtering irrelevant data, and allows marketers to tap into millions of insights from consumer conversations as part of their everyday workflow,” said David Karnstedt, CEO, Quantifind.