Qualcomm Incorporated through its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., on Thursday demonstrated dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC), which allows vehicles to charge while driving.

Qualcomm Technologies designed and built a wireless DEVC system capable of charging an electric vehicle (EV) dynamically at up to 20 kilowatts at highway speeds, the company said. Qualcomm Technologies also demonstrated simultaneous charging, in which two vehicles on the same track can charge dynamically at the same time.

The vehicles can pick up charge in both directions along the track, and in reverse, according to the company.  The dynamic charging demonstrations took place at a 100-meter FABRIC test track, built by VEDECOM at Versailles, France.

FABRIC is a project, mostly funded by the European Commission, addressing the technological feasibility, economic viability, and socio-environmental sustainability of wireless DEVC.

VEDECOM is one of the FABRIC collaborators and responsible for providing the demonstration of the charging solution at Satory using the Qualcomm Halo DEVC system.

“We are a public-private partnership focused on pre-competitive research. The installation of one of the world’s first DEVC test platforms has provided us with a unique test facility and we look forward to expanding our expertise with the future testing.” Said Luc Marbach, chief executive officer, VEDECOM.