Preempt, a security solutions providers, announced today that it has emerged from stealth with the release of the Preempt Behavioral Firewall. The Behavioral Firewall protects enterprises from security breaches and malicious insiders with an approach that couples User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) with Adaptive Response to provide an effective solution for both detecting and responding to threats, said the company.  

This proactive approach allows organizations to preempt threats in real-time without engaging already overwhelmed security teams. The Preempt Behavioral Firewall mitigates the impact of a breach by instantly verifying the identity of users through a set of adaptive responses dependent on the type of threat, user and other key security vectors, according to Preempt. This proactive approach, along with greater visibility and insights, helps customers reduce their attack surface, the company said.

Key Features:

  • User and Entity Behavior Analysis and Insights provide greater visibility into an organization’s risky users, endpoints, stale or compromised accounts, and privileged user behavior.
  • Adaptive Response and Enforcement includes granular response mechanisms (such as block, notify, allow, re-authenticate or multi-factor authentication) to take action and resolve suspicious activities when abnormal behavior is detected, and ensure business continuity.
  • Policy Engine arms security teams with actionable, flexible and customized pre-set rules, as well as personalized policies based on an organization’s specific needs, to facilitate smart adaptive security controls that can respond to complex multi-stage threats.
  • Flexible Deployment allows the Behavioral Firewall to be installed in either in-line proxy or span port (sniffer) mode, enabling security organizations to increase security with minimal business risk and gradually enable automated response capabilities as they build confidence in the Behavioral Firewall.

“To be effective in our organization, gaining visibility into user and entity behavior was just the beginning,” said Jim Beers, director of information security at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa.

“Preempt’s adaptive response capabilities will allow us to prevent threats in real-time without additional burden to our security team,” he added.