Intel Delves Deeper Into IoT, Self-Driving Vehicles With Computer Vision Acquisition


Intel announced Thursday that it is buying Itseez, a Russian developer of computer vision algorithms and related technology for embedded systems.

Itseez will become a key ingredient for Intel’s Internet of Things Group (IOTG) roadmap, and will help Intel’s customers create innovative deep-learning-based CV applications like autonomous driving, digital security and surveillance, and industrial inspection, the company said.

The acquisition comes less than two months after Intel bought Yogitech, an Italian provider of functional safety solutions for chips. Their solutions help prevent chips within cars, industrial equipment, and other embedded systems from failing, and alert users in the event that they do.

Itseez contributes software tuning and integration in many market-leading products shipping today from cars to security systems and more.

This acquisition furthers Intel’s efforts to win in IoT market segments like automotive and video, where the ability to electronically perceive and understand images paves the way for innovation and opportunity.