XPO Logistics Inc on Wednesday unveiled software that allows merchants to track truck and rail cargo in real-time nationwide

XPO Logistic, a global provider of transport and logistics solutions, on Wednesday announced the introduction of XPO Connect, a cloud-based, digital freight marketplace. The platform is designed to provide shippers with a single point of entry for visibility across modes in real time, making it possible to identify opportunities for time and cost savings.

XPO Connect is fully automated, self-learning and dynamic, and shippers gain access to business intelligence they can use to purchase transportation more efficiently.  This includes visibility of fluctuations in capacity, spot rates and load postings by geography.

Shippers can access carrier capacity, assign loads and track freight movements through one, secure login, according to the company. XPO Logistics has designed XPO Connect to integrate all modes of transportation.

“XPO Connect gives customers direct access to our transportation network and the predictive data that powers it,” said Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics. “The platform provides a new level of visibility that informs better decision-making under all market conditions.”