The Professional Services Council (PSC), sent a letter last week to leaders in the Senate, urging the Senate to take action on H.R. 6004, the “Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2016,” before the end of the legislative session.

The bill would centralize management and funding for upgrading legacy IT systems, and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities in federal systems.

PSC is a trade association comprised of more than 400 member companies represent small, medium and large businesses that provide federal agencies with services of all kinds, including information technology, engineering, logistics, facilities management, operations and maintenance, consulting, international development, scientific, social, environmental services, and more.

The House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 6004 in September, but time is running out for the Senate to act, said PSC.

“There is an important opportunity but a very limited window of time for this session of Congress to act on vital legislation to improve cybersecurity and address concerns with the government’s legacy IT systems,” said PSC President & CEO David Berteau.

“Congress and the Executive Branch should use this narrow window of opportunity to pass this important legislation and kick-start the modernizing and upgrading of federal information technology as well as enabling the adoption of new technologies to help make government more effective,” he added.