U.S. Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Angus King (I-ME) on Friday introduced the American Defense Programs, Logistics, and Acquisitions for the Nation’s Security (American Defense PLANS) Act, which would direct the Department of Defense (DOD) to facilitate an external study of acquisition and modernization efforts that would outline recommendations for how DOD programs can best keep pace with rapidly changing technologies.

According to a statement by Cornyn, in order for the military to modernize quickly enough to overmatch threats posed by China and Russia, DOD programs and acquisitions need to keep pace with rapidly-changing critical defense technologies and evolving adversary capabilities.

“Ensuring America has the most technologically advanced military in the world is a matter of survival, plain and simple,” said Cornyn. “By seeking out recommendations for modernizing our military, we work towards making sure our national defense is well-positioned for success in this rapidly-changing threat environment.”

“As America faces growing threats from global adversaries like Russia and China, our defense technology must keep up with the times, and prevent our enemies from gaining a competitive advantage,” said King.

“This bipartisan bill will help the Department of Defense stay on the cutting edge of rapidly-evolving capabilities, keep our warfighters well equipped, and make sure our nation is ready to address any potential threat,” he added.