In an apparent hit and run incident, a driver crashed into a Google self-driving vehicle in Los Altos last month and left the scene without exchanging information. This is according to a report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The collision left the company test vehicle with damage to its rear end. Apparently, the vehicle was hit from behind by another unidentified vehicle at the speed of seven miles an hour, while waiting at the intersection of Cuesta Drive and Springer Road.

In the DMV report, it was noted that the Google car, described as a “Google AV” (autonomous vehicle) sustained minor damage to its rear hatch and sensor. The DMV report also noted that the crash happened on 17 July and involved a Mitsubishi.

This incident adds to the list of crashes involving self-driving cars since their testing began last year. This particular accident was attributed to human error, but it does beg the question of how a minor bump can cause damage to the car’s vital sensors. 

It is unclear if the other vehicle suffered any damage, but no injuries were reported.