Google announced today that it has enabled features that allow Google Maps users navigate their way, even when there is no online access. In a post on its official blog today, the company said online access is not an option for more than 60 percent of the world, and can be very spotty in some areas. As such, easy access to information is not possible for people in these areas. Google Maps will help people find directions across the globe, even if there is no Internet connection, according to the blog post.

Google maps

How Does This Work?

This requires users to download an area of the world to their device, and when there is no connectivity, Google Maps will continue to work. This encompasses those typically touchy spots such as elevators, underground parking lots and remote areas. Google Maps will give “turn-by-turn” driving directions, allow users search for specific places, and also get contact information.

“We first previewed these new capabilities during Google I/O in May, and today we’re gradually rolling out the first set of these improvements with the latest version of Google Maps on Android (coming soon to iOS), the company said on its blog.





*Image – Google