Bosch and Daimler are working together to take the development of fully automated, driverless vehicles, Bosch said on Monday.

Both companies have agreed to set up a development alliance that aims to make a system for fully automated (SAE-Level 4) and driverless (SAE-Level 5) vehicles a reality on city streets by the start of the next decade, Bosch said.

The objective is the joint development of software and algorithms for an autonomous driving system. In promoting a system for fully automated, driverless vehicles for city driving, Bosch and Daimler want to improve urban traffic flows, enhance road safety, and provide an important building block for the traffic of the future, according to Bosch.

The main aim of the project is to make a driving system ready for production, as a result of which vehicles will be able to drive completely autonomously in cities, Bosch stated. The idea behind it is that the vehicle will come to the driver, not the other way around. Within a predetermined urban area, people can conveniently use their smartphones to book a car share or an urban automated taxi that comes to them ready to take them to their destination.