British semiconductor firm Arm on Monday unveiled a common industry framework called Platform Security Architecture (PSA), meant to serve as a secure foundation for designing connected devices.

It is no longer news that security is very often an afterthought when building IoT devices, which has led to many viewing such devices with much suspicion.

Arm hopes this new framework will restore confidence and further boost the adoption of connected devices – even better, with an Arm-based chip in there, somewhere.

Arm is banking on IoT to take off even more, and has a lot at stake here, especially as it claims to have shipped about 100 billion chips to date, and hopes to ship 200 billion by 2021.

To allow the IoT ecosystem to more rapidly realize the benefits of PSA, Arm said it will deliver an open source reference implementation firmware conforming to the PSA specification. Development initially targets Armv8-M systems, with source code release expected in early 2018.