Apteligent, a provider of analytics and mobile business insights, said Thursday it has decided to open source its Xamarin component. Xamarin, which was purchased by Microsoft about a year ago, enables .NET developers to build native apps.

Apteligent offers a cross-platform component for leveraging the Apteligent SDK and services from Xamarin ( Mono C# ) iOS and Android applications. Now developers can monitor performance, prioritize, troubleshoot, and trend their cross-platform Xamarin mobile apps with the Apteligent C# Component, said Apteligent.

“The decision stemmed from Apteligent’s desire to democratize mobile app management to help all developers achieve success,” said Greg Toto, SVP of Product & Development at Apteligent. “Now, everyone from an indie developer to a large company in the .NET community gets support to build native apps.”

Information about how to use the component library is located here.