Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of Amazon IoT, a new service the company states will enable manufacturers, companies, artisans and other users build applications from any internet-connected device. The service was created to bridge the gap in working with devices, networks, and data collection for Internet of Things applications.

The AWS IoT is a managed cloud service that provides the infrastructure for “connected cars, factory floors, aircraft engines, sensor grids” and other related applications to “easily and securely interact with cloud services and other devices.” Amazon calls the connectivity a “world-scale” one, allowing the applications to work seamlessly, even when there is an interruption in connectivity. Basically, applications interact with “things” through what the company described as “cloud-based Thing Shadows.”

According to Amazon, Thing Shadows are virtual, cloud-based representation of things that track the state of each connected device, allowing this tracking to continue even if the “thing” loses connectivity for an extended period of time.

Currently available in beta, and priced at $5 per million messages, Amazon IoT comes preloaded with device registry, a rules engine and publish-subscribe device gateway.