The Trump administration on Thursday warned foreign hackers of its intention to increase offensive measures as part of a new national cyber security strategy.

“We will identify, counter, disrupt, degrade, and deter behavior in cyberspace that is destabilizing and contrary to our national interests, while preserving America’s overmatch in and through cyberspace,” read a statement from the white House.

The U.S.’s new cyber strategy, signed by President Trump, comes as U.S. intelligence officials expect an uptick in the tempo of cyber attacks ahead of the Nov. 6 congressional elections.

The 2018 National Cyber Strategy offers federal agencies new guidance on how to protect themselves and the private data of Americans, said John Bolton, White House National Security Adviser. It outlines the steps the federal government is taking to advance an open, secure, interoperable, and reliable cyberspace.

The cyber strategy also advocates for a framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace built upon international law, adherence to voluntary non-binding norms of responsible state behavior that apply during peacetime, and the implementation of measures to reduce the risk of conflict stemming from malicious cyber activity.

“This strategy makes clear that the Federal Government will never stop defending our interests, and that we will bring every element of American power to bear to protect our people in the digital domain,” read a statement from the Department of State.

“This Administration will not treat cyberspace as a separate arena. Instead, we are integrating cyber into all elements of national power.”