The Bitfury Group, a full service Blockchain technology company, said last week The State Agency for eGovernance of Ukraine signed what it described as “a groundbreaking first-ever Memorandum of interaction and cooperation to create the first full-scale Blockchain eGovernance program for Ukraine.”

The full-scale Blockchain eGovernance program with the Ukrainian government and The Bitfury Group will begin with a pilot project to introduce Blockchain technology into Ukraine’s eGovernment platform, said the tech firm.

The main areas of partnership being explored for the pilot project are using Blockchain in state registers, public services, social security, public health and the energy sector, according to the tech firm. Once the pilot is complete, the program will expand into all other areas, including cybersecurity.

Blockchain technology, among other benefits, will help improve the protection of state databases against unauthorized interference, reduce cost to citizens, improve overall efficiency, improve investment in Ukraine, and help reduce corruption across the board, said Bitfury.

“Our partnership with the Ukrainian government is about making the lives of the Ukrainian people better by making systems work for people and reducing friction across the board for all,” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of The Bitfury Group in a prepared statement.