sun edison renewable energy


Solaria Corporation, a solar technology company based in Calif., announced Monday that SunEdison, the largest developer of renewable energy in the world,  has agreed to license Solaria’s manufacturing technology to mass produce its new line of 400 watt solar modules.

This licensed technology will allow SunEdison extrat more energy from its solar modules by reducing unproductive white space on its photovoltaic panels.

“SunEdison’s solar materials team has completed the development of the new 400 watt SunEdison ZERO WHITE SPACE™ solar module. This architecture squeezes more electricity out of the module by reducing the amount of unproductive white space surrounding each cell,” said Bang Nguyen, SunEdison’s VP of solar materials operations.

“By licensing Solaria’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we’re able to get SunEdison ZERO WHITE SPACE™ modules to market much quicker,” he added.