Silver Springs Networks has scored new smart grid projects with Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) and Singapore Power, the company said. BGE will leverage its Silver Spring IPv6 smart grid platform to connect new devices in their distribution system, allowing it to connect approximately 3,000 automated reclosers and 4,800 capacitor controls. This will enhance BGE’s Smart Grid across its 2,300 square mile service territory.

Silver Spring will also host its GridScape Network Manager for BGE as Software-as-a-Service to support out-of-band and in-band management for polling, event management, diagnostics, real-time visualization and auditing across all grid management devices, the company said.

The expanded grid management solution is estimated to eliminate approximately 2 million interruptions for BGE customers per year.

Silver Spring Networks also said it is partnering with Singapore Power to expand Singapore Power’s uses and applications of its existing wireless mesh network platform across Singapore.

Singapore Power, which provides electricity to 1.4 million homes and businesses on the island, plans to leverage its AMI deployment to connect an additional 200,000 electric residential customers, said Silver Spring.

Silver Spring’s multi-application IPv6 platform will be extended to help Singapore Power improve its operational efficiencies, serve more advanced metering customers and for Singapore Power to develop a digital data and Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Since April 2014, Silver Spring has helped Singapore Power deliver deregulated energy services for the Energy Market Authority’s retail contestability program in Singapore.