Hacking group TheShadowBrokers have launched what they called a “monthly dump service,” promising to release some interesting vulnerabilities this June.

This subscription-based service requires interested entities to subscribe and send 100 ZEC (Zcash) to a stated address. The hackers included specific instructions on what to include when sending the virtual currency payment.

According to them:

  • Include a “delivery email address” in the “encrypted memo field” when sending Zcash payment
  • If #1 and #2 then a confirmation email will be sent to the “delivery email address” provided
  •  Between 07/01/2017 and 07/17/2017 a “mass email” will be sent to the “delivery email address” of all “confirmed subscribers” (#1, #2, #3)
  • The “mass email” will contain a link and a password for the June 2017 dump

Addressing concerns about the privacy of the Zcash mode of payment, the hackers had some colorful words for those concerned about “losing $20k,” saying the service was not for them. “Monthly dump is being for high rollers, hackers, security companies, OEMs, and governments. Playing “the game” is involving risks,” they said.

Like any good marketer, they included an urgency factor, saying there is a “good chance” the Zcash price will increase over time.