Samsung said Tuesday it is ending Sales and exchanges of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 to allow for further investigations. According to Samsung, the company is working with regulatory authorities to resolve the situation, although the damage to the Samsung brand has already been done.

This is coming less than two months after the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, and is the direct outcome of numerous cases of the phones catching fire. The company tried to fix the situation by issuing a recall of 2.5 million of the devices, but there are reports that even the replacement Note 7’s have also caught fire.

The company has asked consumers with either an original or replacement Galaxy Note 7 to power down and stop using the device immediately.

At $882 per device, this is shaping up to be a very costly product failure, if not the most costly one in the tech space. Major US carriers had already stopped all sales and replacements of the devices, even before this announcement by Samsung.