Encrypted email service ProtonMail says its platform has witnessed a sudden flurry of activity post-election, as people switch to encrypted communication platforms to protect their privacy.

“Many of our new users have voiced a few common concerns both on Twitter and also in emails to us. Given Trump’s campaign rhetoric against journalists, political enemies, immigrants, and Muslims, there is concern that Trump could use the new tools at his disposal to target certain groups. As the NSA currently operates completely out of the public eye with very little legal oversight, all of this could be done in secret,” wrote CEO Andy Yen in a blog post.

The company, based in Switzerland, assured its users that despite changes in government, it will strive to build a “safe haven for all people of the world.”

ProtonMail uses end-to-end encryption to secure its platform, and stresses that even though governments and laws can change, the laws of mathematics upon which encryption is based remains relatively constant.

ProtonMails services are free, although users may support the platform by upgrading to a paid account. In November 2015, ProtonMail was the victim of a sustained DDoS attack that crippled the service for a short while.