A newly granted Apple patent would allow users to generate selfies with a group of people residing at distant, separate locations.

The patent titled, Generating Synthetic Group Selfies, allows users to create selfies using still images, stored video images, or live streaming images.

The software would remove backgrounds, resize images and accommodate positioning in front or in back of other individuals as needed to arrange realistic group photos.
Users would also be able to modify the selfie at any time with stored video footage.

Flow Chart of Process

Interestingly, the patent application for the app, which has been designed to allow people to take selfies, despite quarantine and social distancing, was filed in July, 2018. At the time, corona virus, subsequent quarantine and the implementation of social distancing, were almost two years in the future.

The patent points out that a particular advantage of this app is that group selfies can be easily generated without having to organize or arrange people around a camera.

Smile, take selfie!

The processing of individual selfies to remove background portions of individual selfie images can be distributed amongst multiple devices to reduce the amount of processing required to be performed by an individual device.

Individual selfies can be automatically and intelligently arranged within the synthetic group selfie so that the user is not required to arrange individual selfies within the synthetic group selfie, according to the patent.