Hartford Steam Boiler, a specialty insurer focusing on existing and emerging risks posed by technological change, has launched what it calls the first-in-the-nation cyber insurance policy for consumers.

Sensing an opportunity in the escalating cyber-attacks on both enterprise and private data, and the inevitable rise in Internet of things devices, HSB’s Home Cyber Protection offers personal lines cyber insurance program for consumers.

HSB Home Cyber Protection offers a suite of cyber coverage and services for computer attacks, cyber extortion, online fraud and the breach of personal information involving smart phones, computers and connected home devices.

Those coverages include:

  • Computer Attack to remove malware and reprogram computers and tablets, Wi-Fi routers or other Internet access points.
  • Home Systems Attack restores devices connected to the Internet, including smart phones, thermostats, smart appliances and security and monitoring systems.
  • Cyber Extortion with professional assistance on how to respond to a ransomware attack and payment of ransom when approved.
  • Data Breach including forensic IT and legal reviews, notification and recovery services when private non-business data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen or published.
  • Online Fraud for losses due to identity theft, phishing schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, forgery, counterfeit currency, and other deceptions.

“In today’s connected world, phones, computers and other networked devices are vulnerable to attack,” said Timothy Zeilman, HSB vice president. “The Internet of Things and smart home equipment increase that threat. Yet, until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive cyber insurance policy designed for consumers,” he added.