The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), standards and trade organization for the consumer electronics industry in the United States, has issued a white paper in which it cautions the government against policies that could impede the growth of IoT.

“…policymakers should refrain from broad, proscriptive regulatory action that could derail or delay new IoT applications,” said the CTA in the white paper.

“Instead, self-regulatory and other consensus-driven industry efforts will allow stakeholders to address discrete, specialized issues in a practical and flexible manner – what should be the default institutional mechanism for the IoT,” the group stated.

According to the CTA, the important efforts of the bipartisan, congressional Internet of Things Working Group and the Department of Commerce underscore that policymakers must approach the IoT with the twin goals of promoting consumer confidence and trust and preserving maximum flexibility to innovate.

“Government should accelerate its positive steps to promote the IoT by making more spectrum available, facilitating the ubiquitous deployment of broadband services, harmonizing federal agency interaction and providing clarity to citizens that the government will serve as an enforcement backstop if necessary to ensure public safety, privacy and other consumer protections,” added the CTA.