A hacker calling himself 0x2Taylor claims to have breached an Amazon server, which contains more than 80,000 usernames and passwords of Kindle users.

The hacker said in a series of tweets that the online ecommerce giant ignored his warnings about vulnerabilities related to its servers.

According to 0x2Taylor, he had informed Amazon prior to the leak. He even posted a screenshot to prove he had the data and attempted to extort $700 from Amazon in exchange for not disclosing the breach “because the attack was easy.”

He claimed that he hoped this would push Amazon into implementing better secure measures. Amazon reportedly ignored his warning, so he uploaded the data to Mega cloud storage and tweeted a link to the leak. The database contains information about users’ email, passwords, city, state, phone number and much more.

0x2Taylor is the same hacker who took credit for the data breach suffered by the Baton Rouge police department after the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Security analysts are skeptical of this hackers claims and pointed out that it may be false, and aimed at  causing apprehension among Amazon users.