Cyber Hackers Target U.S. Presidential Candidates – Intelligence Official

Cyber hackers working for foreign governments have been trying to infiltrate the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns, a senior U.S. intelligence official warned Wednesday.

Both Homeland Security and the FBI have been working with the campaigns to improve security and prevent cyber hackers from breaching their defenses, said James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence.

According to Clapper, more cyber-attacks are highly likely, especially as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton slug it out for the Democratic nomination, and Trump works at gaining the Republican nomination.

Clapper didn’t give any details on how the intrusions were detected or the names of the targeted campaigns.

“We have already had some indications of that and a combination of DHS, FBI are doing what they can to educate both candidates of potential cyber threats,” Clapper said, without going into specifics. “I anticipate as the campaigns intensify we will probably have more of it,” he added.