A recent survey by OnePoll revealed that 64 percent of Windows users are so concerned about privacy issues that they would definitely consider switching to Mac.

The survey, which involved 500 participants in the US, and 600 in the UK, revealed that people in the UK are more concerned about privacy than those in the US. The poll specifically asked participants if they were comfortable with Windows 10 collecting user data, and if they would consider a switch.

50.1 percent said they would consider it, while 14.1 said they would definitely switch due to privacy concerns.

67 percent of UK respondents said they would definitely (15.2%) or might (51.8%) consider switching to Mac if privacy concerns about Windows 10 data collection were raised.

This poll was conducted shortly after the ruling by the French privacy watchdog which ordered Microsoft to address several privacy shortcomings in its latest operating system. The French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) specifically mentioned three specific cases where it found the operating system’s collection of user information to be “excessive.”

They include:

  • The Windows Store authentication, which allows users to set a 4-digit PIN in lieu of a password, does not restrict the number of attempts to enter the correct code
  • Windows 10 installs an advertising identifier by default, which allows Microsoft to monitor browsing and target users with ads
  • The Windows Store collects data on the apps users download and time spent on each one without permission

Other problems pointed out by the commission include the inability to block advertising cookies on Windows 10, and the transfer of European user data to the United States on a “Safe Harbor” basis.