Apple and Ericsson have reached an agreement on Apple’s use of technologies for its iPhones and iPads after settling a long-running legal dispute. Apple agreed to pay Ericsson royalties on the wireless devices it sells as part of the settlement.

Ericsson owns patents that it considers essential to the implementation of a number of mobile communications standards, including GSM, the 3G standard UMTS and LTE, used in 4G networks. While it has licensing agreements with other manufacturers of devices operating on these networks, a deal with Apple expired at the start of this year.

Apple will pay Ericsson to use mobile technology underpinning 2G and 4G connectivity for its mobile devices. The two groups have also agreed to work on developing next generation 5G services, which are expected to allow near instant mobile internet services.

As part of a seven-year agreement, Apple will make an initial payment to the Swedish group and then pay royalties.

The two companies have called a truce, signing a global cross-license agreement for patented standards-essential technologies, they said Monday.