Several privacy groups, including Fight for the Future, ACLU and Color of Change have called on technology firms to invest more in the protection of their users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Tech firms have been urged to sign a pledge stating their commitment to protecting their users’ data from exploitation and securing their users’ “human rights.”

Signing the pledge means the companies agree to ensure users have access to and control over their data collected by these firms, including a requirement that users are able to permanently delete their entire account and permanently delete their data from the servers of the various companies.

The groups also emphasized the necessity for tech companies to limit the data they collect, and to fix their algorithms to prevent biases and discrimination.

“Pledge to refuse voluntary requests for data in non-emergency situations, and fight overly broad, questionable, and illegal efforts to surveil your users, in the courts and in the public sphere,” the group urged.

So far, no company has signed the pledge.