In today’s edition of odd news, David Poyet, an ex-user of online cheating site Ashley Madison, has sued Avid Life Media and Avid Life Dating dba Ashley Madison in a federal class action on Oct. 29. This is according to a report by Courthouse News Service.

Mr. Poyet, apparently, is very unhappy at what he terms the massive use of “fembots” by the cheating site. In his own words, Mr. Poyet claims over 70,000 so-called females on the site were not human, and the site created profiles of “imaginary women” who were supposedly interested in men.

Ashley Madison was in the news in July following the hacking of their database by a group calling themselves the Impact Team. The group stole data on the over 37 million subscribers, including highly embarrassing “sexual fantasies.”

Most of this information was released into the wild via a massive data dump on August 18, following a refusal by Avid Life to close shop.

Information regarding thousands of people related to the Vatican, United Nations, and U.S. government employees were included in the data dump. Apparently, information relating to the widespread use of fembots can also be found in the leaked data.

“Ashley Madison went to extreme measures to fraudulently lure in and profit from customers. Defendants’ fraudulent and deceitful actions include, but are not limited to: marketing that the site had 5.5 million female profiles, when only a small percentage of the profiles belonged to actual women who used the site; hiring employees whose jobs were to create thousands of fake female profiles; and creating over 70,000 female bots to send male users millions of fake messages,” stated Mr. Poyet in the complaint.

Poyet claims users were charged “credits” whenever they interacted with another person on the site, meaning that he and other male users were paying to talk to the so-called fembots.