Deloitte and AT&T have formed a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the adoption of smart city technology across U.S. cities, Deloitte said Thursday.  The telco and global management consultancy, along with several other hand-picked alliance members, strive to enhance livability and improve the efficiencies of local governments through optimal use of today’s technology.

Alerting commuters on their mobile phone that their normal route home is delayed, reducing energy use in public buildings with sensing technologies, and networking homebound elderly to medical professionals are just a few of the ways technology is helping to make communities more livable, energy efficient and healthier.

The behind-the-scene knowledge and infrastructure needed to enable these capabilities require a well-orchestrated team of collaborators, understanding of the citizens’ aspirations, in-depth knowledge of the city, and familiarity with its leaders.

“Substantial attention has been paid internationally to how new technological innovations can be used to solve the problem of modern cities. The combination of AT&T’s mobility and cloud networking solutions seamlessly enable almost every aspect of the smart city vision,” said John Levis, principal, technology, media and telecommunications practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“Deloitte’s global leadership in smart city deployments helps us accelerate the rate of change in communities across the U.S.,” said Mike Zeto, general manager of Smart Cities, AT&T IoT Solutions. “They offer the strategy, design, development, implementation and program management services that help shape the team of companies needed to build smarter cities.”