wifi assist apple phone

A couple in San Jose, Calif., have filed a complaint against Apple over a newly introduced software feature, Wi-Fi Assist, that lets iPhones switch to cellular data whenever the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Wi-Fi Assist has led to a slew of complaints from customers since it was introduced mid-September, with the latest upgrade to its iOS software for iPhones and iPads.

The chief complaint is that Wi-Fi Assist is switched on by default in iOS9, causing users to unknowingly run up large data bills when they think their iPhones are relying on Wi-Fi.

The couple suing Apple contends that since they were not aware of the feature, Apple should be held responsible for the unexpected bill they received. Their filling states that the overuse charges top $5 million for the customers affected, prompting them to seek class action status for their lawsuit.




Image: engadget.com