Google Drops Invites For Project Fi, But Only For US Residents

Google’s personal carrier service, Project Fi, is finally ditching invites for everyone in the US. This move is coming ten months after the launch of the service. Fi is a Google smartphone carrier service that aims to restructure smartphone plans. It hopes to achieve this by creating its own mobile virtual network operator, and combining Sprint and T-Mobile coverage maps, which apparently gives Fi the best possible coverage.

Rather than build its own network, Google opted to rely on Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular service from T-Mobile and Sprint for Project Fi connectivity. Phones connect to the strongest signal in a given area, and move between them seamlessly. You can shut off Wi-Fi like any other phone, though Google recommends keeping it on.

Instead of paying a flat fee every month and using or losing what you have, Project Fi only charges customers for what they use at a competitive price of $10 per gigabyte. Fi also comes with a built-in customer service, which may be a plus for some.

To make this offer more attractive, Google has discounted the Nexus 5x to $199, for those who choose to sign up. The LG handset sports an HD LCD display, USB-C port, fingerprint sensor, and 12.3-megapixel Sony camera sensor.